How to Sell a Data Set? Pricing Policies for Data Monetization

The extensive style of pricing rules utilized in exercise via way of means of information dealers indicates that there are vast demanding situations in pricing information sets. In this paper, we broaden a software framework this is suitable for information shoppers and the corresponding pricing of the information via way of means of the information dealer. Buyers inquisitive about buying a information set have personal valuations in aspects—their best file that they fee the most, and the price at which their valuation for the information withinside the information set decays as they fluctuate from the shoppersbest file. The dealer permits man or woman shoppers to clear out out the information set and choose the information which might be of hobby to them. The multidimensional personal records of the shoppers coupled with the endogenous choice of information makes the vendor’s hassle of optimally pricing the information set a tough one. We formulate a tractable version and efficaciously make the most its unique shape to attain top-rated and close totop-rated informationpromoting mechanisms. Specifically, we offer insights into the situations below which a typically used mechanism—namely, a price-amount time table—is top-rated for the information dealer. When the situations main to the optimality of a price-amount time table do now no longer hold, we display that the top-rated price-amount time table gives an appealing worst-case assure relative to an top-rated mechanism. Further, we numerically resolve for the top-rated mechanism and display that the real overall performance of easy and famous price-amount schedules—namely, component tariff and -block tariff—is close to top-rated. We additionally quantify the fee to the vendor from permitting shoppers to clear out out the information set. PreviousBack to Top

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