Learning to Be Creative: A Mutually Exciting Spatiotemporal Point Process Model for Idea Generation in Open Innovation

This examine investigates the innovative concept technology system in an open innovation platform. The concept technology system is concurrently motivated with the aid of using a couple of sports: know-how acquisition from contributors’ interactions with every different’s thoughts, planned exercise via continual participation, and studying via disasters. Due to the dynamic interaction throughout those sports, it’s miles hard to pick out every pastime’s affect on innovative ideation effects the use of reduced-shape regression analysis. To triumph over those challenges, we rent a complete empirical framework, the together thrilling spatiotemporal factor system version with unobserved heterogeneity, which endogenizes the occurrences of those sports in non-stop time and permits for user-established results. By utilising the pastime circulate facts of 13,028 contributors from 2010 to 2016 in an open innovation platform, we exposed synergistic results of those sports on innovative effects. We locate that know-how obtained via interplay with others (i.e., stimulus thoughts) performs a crucial position withinside the innovative ideation system, however their impact is greater nuanced than what we’ve got acknowledged so far. In evaluation to the earlier perception that remote analogies, stimulus thoughts out of doors of a trouble domain, spur creativity, we discover that remote analogies cause disasters. Yet, we in addition locate that such disasters are imperative to the innovative ideation system due to the fact disasters encourage concept generators (1) to gather greater know-how with the aid of using growing their destiny interactions with different contributorsthoughts (studying from others), and (2) to persist in producing thoughts that cause enhancements of their capacity to use the obtained know-how and to pick out innovation obligations which are applicable to their inventory of obtained know-how (studying with the aid of using doing). Our consequences imply that disasters are a more potent driving force of the studying sports than successes. Based on our findings, we provide insights on the way to domesticate creativity in an open innovation setting.

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