The Secret to Finding a Match: A Field Experiment on Choice Capacity Design in an Online Dating Platform

Online matching systems require new methods to marketplace layout due to the fact corporations can now manage many factors of the quest and interplay technique thru numerous IT-enabled features. Although preference potential—the quantity of applicants a consumer can view and pick—is a key layout characteristic of on-line matching systems, its impact on engagement and matching effects stays unclear. We observe the impact of various preference capacities at the quantity of selections and suits made on a platform through undertaking a randomized discipline test in collaboration with an internet courting platform. Specifically, we (1) pick customers who’re of a comparable age and stay withinside the equal geographical location, (2) layout 4 remedy organizations with one-of-a-kind preference capacities wherein customers can most effective have interaction with different customers withinside the equal group, and (3) randomly assign the customers to the remedy organizations. We locate that offering greater preference potential to male and girl customers has one-of-a-kind results on preference behaviors and matching effects. Although growing the selection potential of male customers yields the very best engagement, growing the selection potential of girl customers is the best technique to growth matching effects. We posit and empirically exhibit 4 mechanisms underlying the effectiveness of various preference potential designs. Furthermore, we generalize our findings to different on-line matching systems and speak how preference potential may be designed to growth engagement and matching effects.

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